Forex rebate is a way to earn money from the Forex Market whether you lose or win in a trade.

You register a trading account through our ib links with your selected broker, apply for cash withdrawal on dailyforexrebate , whether it makes profit or not.

The amount of commission rebate is determined by your account type and the number of trading lots.The more you trade, the more you earn.

Every Wednesday rebates last week's commission. If your trading volume is very large, we can return it once a day.

Depending on your choice of rebate method, wire transfer takes 3-5 business days, e-wallet timely arrival.

Yes.Regardless of whether your transaction is profitable or loss-making, commissions exist.

No.Only real accounts will have commission refunds.

No.Forex rebate will not have any impact on the trading environment.

We are happy to add new brokers to the list. Simply contact us with more information.

Some brokerage trading accounts can be transferred, and some cannot.For details, please contact customer service for consultation.

Broker List

Up to $18.75 Per Lot
Ultra Low:
Up to $11.25 Per Lot

Up to $25.08 Per Lot
Raw spread:
Up to $12.30 Per Lot

0.3 Pips
Raw Spread (ECN):
$1.5/Round Turn Lot

$0.9 Pips
ECN Pro:
$1.5/Round Turn Lot

$4.5/Round Turn Lot
$1.5/Round Turn Lot